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What other learners say about Trifecta's training courses.

Paulo T.
The Trifecta team is very much knowledgeable and flexible and the classes are relevant and effective.
I recommend Trifecta to train your project managers. It will help you and your company to identify those areas to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Juli F.
This company is very knowledgeable in their training tactics with being able to take real-world scenarios and apply them to the job. I took the "Essential Element Project Coordinator Training Course" and it helped me with being able to grow in my position and to take material back to my company that we can use to grow as company and become better as a whole to be able to provide the best service to our customers. I would recommend taking this course if you are new to the position or even if you have been in the position for years!I've been managing social media for a while now, but I still learned a lot from this course. The instructor provided a lot of advanced tips and tricks that I hadn’t thought of, and I appreciated the focus on metrics and analytics. Overall, a very informative and practical course.
Bryce R.
After a few years of working as a moderately successful project manager, I always had the nagging feeling that there was more that I didn't know. What's worse, I DIDN'T KNOW what I didn't know.

Trifecta Growth Institute's project management course really opens up a world of knowledge, and efficiently and quickly brings you up to speed. Throughout the entire course, I and my classmates found ourselves saying, "That's something I've always had an issue with, and now I know why".

I've already seen the benefits of the course, and my performance and my projects' outcomes have soared in the time since.
Amazing course, couldn't recommend more highly.

Maria M.
We had the opportunity to take a training class from Trifecta recently for Project Coordination. It was informative and enjoyable as far as trainings go. We are hoping to pursue additional trainings from them at a later date as well!
Nathan O.
I started a position with a restoration company as a project coordinator about a month ago. I attended Trifecta's Project Coordinator Training Course and it helped define my role with the company and gave me a clear path to move forward. It was by far the best training course I've attended to date and received a wealth of knowledge.

David B.
Great institute to better your company and personal growth both structurally and financially. Rod Cruce is a great instructor and extremely knowledgeable in business growth. Would highly recommend.

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Gain instant credibility and show you are a Subject Matter Expert with the restoration industry’s first Estimator, Project Manager, and Project Coordinator certifications. Learn vital skills directly related to your role and posses the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to perform at your best. Certification Packages include all necessary training, workshops, tests, and application to receive an industry certification.
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Certification Package
Project Coordinator

Certification Package
  • Total of 50 hours of training
  • Senior & Junior Certifications
  • Dynamic Learning Options    
Become certified and get instant creditability that you are a subject matter expert in project management.
  • Total of 40 hours of training
  • Senior & Junior Certifications
  • Dynamic Learning Options    
Establish credentials working in the estimation field. Increase your reputation and image to customers.
  • Total of 36 hours of training
  • Dynamic Learning Options
  • Includes Collection Course
Get the valuable skills & knowledge to be an essential element to a project manager, estimator and team.