Restoration Estimator Certification Package

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Course features
  • Category: Certification
  • Subcategory: Restoration Estimator
  • Time Required: 40 hours
  • CE Credits: 40
  • Exam: Yes
  • Check on Learning
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  • Senior Restoration Estimator Certification: > 2 years industry experience
    Junior Restoration Estimator  Certification: < 2 years industry experience

  • Non-degree, Work Credentialing Certification Awarded; includes,
    • 40 hours of formal training delivered via eLearning, Hybrid, Online
    • Pass Exam with 80% or better;
    • Meet experience criteria
    • Submit application
    • You're Done!
  • Reach out to us if you have more than 5 personnel or want to train your entire team
Industry Certification
Curriculum Overview
Trifecta’s Restoration Estimator Certification is designed to establish credentials for those individuals working in the estimation field. Our Estimator certifications demonstrate to employers, customers, and colleagues that you possess the knowledge, experience, and skills to write a detailed scope of work for insurance claims and their projects.
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Path to Certification
Complete our 40-hour curriculum, pass all exams with an 80% or better score, engage in a capstone project demonstrating your ability to write an estimate, and verify you have estimated projects. Your time in the industry, the number, and scope of projects managed will determine if they receive a Junior- or Senior Estimator Certification.

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You should get certified if....
You want to get a certification to prove your value
You want to increase your creditability and achieve validation of knowledge
You want answers to the questions that have never been answered
You want to become a subject matter expert
You are a life-long learner and love to fill your tool box with other resources
Certification Training Package Includes
  • Accurate Estimator Training Courses (Online)
  • Linchpin The Iron Triangle
  • Team Dynamics for Leaders  (eLearning)
  • Conquering Conflict at Work - Issue Resolution (eLearning)
  • Negotiating Skills Training (Hybrid)
  • The Customer Experience & Engagement (eLearning)
  • Working with a TPA & Carriers – The Success Algorithm (Hybrid)
  • Capstone Project /  Pass Exam / Meet Experience Requirements
  • Submit Application
Key Benefits
  • Validation of knowledge
  • Enhanced creditability
  • Respect from peers
  • Increased marketability and gain a competitive advantage
  • Increased job performance
  • Increased reputation & image
  • Professional creditability
  • Better productivity &  increased efficiency
  • Reduced customer issues
  • Increased profits