Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Course features
  • Category: Leadership
  • Subcategory: Team Dynamics
  • Time Required: 4 hours
  • CE Credits: 4
  • Quiz/Exam: Yes
  • Downloadable Workbook
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  • Required course to become a Certified Restoration Project Manager, Certified Restoration Project Coordinator, or Certified Restoration Estimator.
  • Certification requires participants to complete the Restoration Warrior Workshop
  • Reach out to us if you have more than 5 personnel or want to train your entire team
Certificate of Training
Course Overview
One of our favorite sayings is from Martha Goedert. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. I am sure you have heard the many ways to describe the euphoria we all feel when teams work like a well-oiled machine. Nothing beats when things are in sync, when you and others are working together in perfect harmony.

When done right, working together and being part of a team drives success for both an individual and an organization. When a team grows and learns, so does an organization’s ability to be agile and create value for their customers, but you can’t simply put a group of people into a room and expect miracles to happen.
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What you will learn
In this curriculum, you will discover the importance of balancing personalities, recognizing, and promoting behaviors that lend themselves to team collaboration and unity and will also help you to understand what dynamics to expect based on your team’s development stage.
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You & team should attend if....
Your team is not functioning at a high-level
You feel like your team is on the brink of brilliance but needs a little nudge
You want to be a better leader and learn how to assess your team
You want to receive an Industry Certification
You want to set the stage to become a "Kick Ass" team

Major Course Topics
  • Teams, teamwork, and team dynamics
  • Influences on team dynamics and identifying your ideal team
  • The stages of team dynamics and how to promote and build a positive team dynamic
  • How to recognize positive and negative team dynamics
  • How to determine the stage of team development where your team is currently
  • Recognize behaviors that demonstrate team cohesiveness
  • Identify where you are and where you want to go with your team

  • How to build a culture that yields high performing teams
  • Ways to develop the team
  • Identify approaches to iterate and evolve your team