Intro to 100 PM Tools & Techniques

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Course features
  • Category: Project Management
  • Subcategory: Tools & Techniques
  • Time Required:  1 1/2 hours
  • CE Credits: 2
  • Exam: No
  • Check on Learning: No
    • Video Series is included with the purchase of the LinchPin™ Project Management Training. Do not purchase if attending.
Certificate of Training
Micro-Video Modules
  • Communication Management
  • Data Gathering
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Representation
  • Decision Making
  • Estimation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Project Management Processes
  • Quality Management
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Scheduling
  • Team Skills
Course Overview
Trifecta’s Project Management Tools & Techniques micro-learning video series is designed to generate awareness and understanding in mid-level managers
and team members of over 100 popular tools and techniques used to manage projects. There are a total of 17 videos that range from 4 to 7 minutes to allow for smaller learning bursts that drive large results.
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What you will learn
Each of the 17 modules presents a whole different category or group of essential project management tools & techniques. Having the awareness of these unique tools & techniques allows project managers and their team to organize & complete project tasks, solve tough problems, and make complex decision with ease.
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You should attend if....
You want to become a Certified Restoration Project Manager (PM)
You have projects that are not going well and you want to discover why
You want to increase your knowledge of project management
You want to increase communication and collaboration with customers
You are unaware of what tool and technique is and how it can help
You want to be better organized
You want to optimize resources