Resolving Conflict at Work

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Course features
  • Category: Leadership
  • Subcategory: Conflict Management
  • Time Required: 5 hours
  • CE Credits: 5
  • Exam: Yes
  • Check on Learning  
    • Required course to become a Certified Restoration Project Manager
    • Required course to become a Certified Restoration Estimator
    • Required course to become a Certified Restoration Project Coordinator
    • Reach out to us if you have more than 5 personnel or want to train your entire team
Certificate of Trng
Course Topics
  • What is conflict & how to define it
  • How to prevent conflict and building a conflict resilient work environment
  • Ways to acknowledge conflict; bringing awareness & creating responses
  • Methods to discuss  and resolve conflict through conversation
  • Strategies to resolve conflict and how to resolve with assistance
  • Employing the CASPER Framework
  • Conclusion & Testing
Course Overview
Every organization faces conflicts now and then; some more than others. Miscommunication, disagreements, and misunderstandings are inevitable, but when they are not resolved immediately, they lead to workplace issues that spread negative vibes throughout that can be toxic.
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What you will learn
How to define, prevent, acknowledge, discuss, and resolve conflict. You will take a conflict approach self-assessment, learn about healthy and unhealthy conflict, how to use our CASPER Framework to address issues, engage in discussions, and solve problems. We provide you with the skills & strategies needed to lay a strong foundation and resolve issues quickly with teammates and customers before they reach that unbearable level.
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You should attend if....
You want to become a Certified Restoration Project Manager (PM); Certified Restoration Project Coordinator; or Certified Restoration Estimator
You are in a leadership of management position
You are having internal conflicts at work
You are having conflicts with customers, sub contractors, or vendors
You are looking for a better way to approach conflict
Your team is continuously having disagreements and arguing
You want to learn how to engage in healthy conflict