Welcome to Trifecta's Conflict Management & Issue Resolution Training Course, titled "Conquering Conflict at Work." This course covers internal and external conflict, aiming to educate on its causes, how to address it, and effective resolution strategies.

To facilitate your review of the training, we've removed the requirement to complete each detail before advancing to the next section. However, customers undergoing the training will encounter a locked version to ensure thorough completion of all materials.

This training was designed to help contractors educate their personnel on how to handle both internal and external conflict (stakeholders such as home owners, subcontractors, etc). There are several references to specific situations within the restoration industry to help learners understand the conflict and facilitate issue resolution. 

Remember, we can add more concepts to the training to align with Contractor Connections's training objectives if needed. Finally, we welcome any and all feedback. Please don't worry about affending us - we have thick skin so don't hold back. Enjoy! 

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